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Welcome to the University of Oklahoma Naval ROTC Alumni website. Student members should register using their expected graduation year.  Staff and Friends please use the "Teacher/Staff" category instead of a year group. This site is established to promote the purposes of The University of Oklahoma Naval Alumni League. The League was established to assist the OU NROTC Unit and Midshipmen. This assistance includes funds to help support the Unit and to provide scholarships to students. The League also helps keep alumni in touch with the Unit and with fellow alumni.

2017 Annual Reunion 

The Annual Reunion is scheduled for Friday, Sep 15, 2017.  We're trying a different format for this year.  Additional information can be found on the Reunion page.  Please make plans to attend and meet the new CO, XO, and midshipmen.  We'd really like to see a strong turnout by all of our alumni and friends.

Unit Update

The Unit continues to publish Flaghoists.  Here is a link to view recent publications. www.ou.edu/content/rotc/nrotc/ou-nrotc-news.html

The Naval Alumni League (NAL) is expanding scholarship opportunity:  This year $10,000 dollars of alumni sourced scholarships were given to midshipmen.  This represents a continued increase over the last several years.  NAL direct contributions and endowment payments pay for these scholarships as well as long term battalion support.    NAL is beginning another endowment fund drive soon.  The midshipmen are paying it forward with donating $5000 back to the endowment from their fund raising work.   These future alumni are already making a difference in the lives of future midshipmen.   THANK YOU!

Congratulations: Brigadier General Tracy King (class of 88) and Rear Admiral Jay Bynum (class of 85). 

Oklahoma's new ROTC Appreciation and Recruitment Initiative Act went into effect July 1st, 2015 and promises to benefit the Univeersity of Oklahoma NROTC by attracting new talent.  It grants in-state tuition to all students enrolled in ROTC in the state of Oklahoma.  We anticipate greater interest and we are already seeing an increase in enrollment, particularly for non-scholarship students.

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