One of the main reasons for forming the OU Navy League (alumni, staff, and friends of the Unit) was to give something back to the organization that played such an important role in shaping our lives.  Like those that have gone before us, we now have the opportunity to support the Unit.  Below are three opportunities for you to support the OU Navy ROTC Unit and Alumni with your gifts.  In addition, if you'd like to volunteer to support the Unit in other ways, please contact the CO to discuss. (405) 325-2021. 

Thank you so much for your generosity!

Alumni Fund (scholarships and unit activities)

The primary goal of the scholarship fund is to support and bolster the outstanding University of Oklahoma NROTC Unit. The scholarships are intended to support the retention of midshipman at the Unit and to attract prospective students. These scholarship are to be awarded to battalion members and are meant to ease the financial burdens associated with obtaining a first class education.

To achieve this lofty goal, the NROTC Unit Alumni, Staff, and Friends need to become active and aggressive with their support for the midshipmen currently in the program via personal gifts to the alumni fund. The alumnifund is managed by the OU Foundation. The OU Foundation is a charitable corporation with 501(c)(3) status. To give a gift to the OU Naval Alumbi League Fund, click on this link: NROTC Alumni Fund - managed by the OU Foundation.  You can also send a check to the OU Alumni Association, 900 Asp Ave, Room 427, Norman, OK 73019; Attn: Stacy Berglan.  The checks can be made out to OU Foundation with Naval Alumni in the memo or they can be made out to Naval Alumni Club.

Endowment Fund (long term support of unit activities)

The long term plan of the League is to build an endowment to a size such that it will be perpetually self sustaining and support the annual needs of the Unit. This will require significant fund raising, corporate donations, and estate planning. Specific goals have not currently been set by the board of directors, but as an example, to support an annual scholarship of $50,000 would require an endowment of $1 million dollars. This is a lofty goal but we believe with the right organization, hard work, cooperation and teamwork, the goal is achievable.  Similar Navy ROTC alumni organizations have large funds already established.. If you would like to support the activities of the League with a donation, you may do so via the OU Foundation web site (  If you would consider a bequest from your estate, please contact us and we'll contact the OKC Foundation for their help.

Naval Alumni Fund

 In addition to supporting the Unit, the Alumni activities also require your support.  Sample expenses include maintaining the website, mail-outs, and planning and executing the annual reunion.  These activities are critical to sustaining the organization.  Please consider a donation to this fund as well.  Make checks payable to the Naval Alumni Fund (Account #31524) and mail it to Navy ROTC, 290 West Brooks, Room 12, Norman, OK 73019-0220.